The New High Energy Sky after a Decade of Discoveries

The Workshop will be held in Rome from 5 to 9 October 2015, it will be hosted at the University La Sapienza, College of Engineering, Hall of the Cloister, located in Via Eudossiana 18.

The central focus of this workshop is to provide an up-to-date view of the high-energy sky, addressing the following scientific topics:

  • Accreting Black-Holes at all scales:  Galactic and Extragalactic
  • Neutron stars and White dwarfs
  • Nucleosynthesis (SNe, Novae, SNRs, ISM) and γ-ray lines
  • Diffuse emission
  • Sky surveys, source populations and unidentified sources
  • Gamma-ray bursts
  • Dark matter
  • Future instruments and missions
  •  V404 Cyg special session 
           Tuesday 6 October, full day,

              including  multiwavelength  talks


Francesca Civano, Gabriele Ghisellini, Mike Koss, Ian McHardy, Joern Wilms, Fabio La Franca, Andrii Neronov, Claudio Ricci, Tomaso Belloni, Enrico Bozzo, Dmitry Klochkov, Alessandro Papitto, Lara Sidoli, Felix Ryde, Paul O’Brien, Bruce Gendre, Marco Limongi, Nikos Prantzos, Uwe Oberlack, Jennifer Gaskins, Elisabetta Cavazzuti , Antony J. Bird, Hitoshi Negoro, Luigi Piro, Yuan Liu, Lorenzo Natalucci, Jean-Pierre Roques, John Raymond, Gregory Sivakoff, Marion Cadolle Bel, Sara Motta, Andrew Beardmore, Rickard M. Plotkin, Gabriele Ponti, Pere Blay, Arash Bodaghee, Phil Charles, Jérôme Chenevez, Peter Jenke, Hans A. Krimm, Miguel Mas-Hesse, Dominique Walton, Christoph Winkler, Paolo Soffitta.

Organizing committee 
Loredana Bassani IASF-INAF, Bologna(I)
Volker Beckmann APC, Universit de Paris 7e, Paris (F)
Antony J. Bird University of Southampton (UK)
Soren Brandt DTU Space, Copenhagen(DK)
Ed van den Heuvel University of Amsterdam (NL)
Roland Diehl MPE, Garching (D)
Carlo Ferrigno ISDC, Versoix (CH)
Neil Gehrels NASA-GSFC (USA)
Sergei Grebenev IKI, Moscow (Ru)
Lorraine Hanlon University College, Dublin (IRL)
Dieter Hartmann Clemson University, Clemson S.C. (USA)
Wim Hermsen SRON, Utrecht (NL)
Peter Kretschmar ESA/ESAC, Madrid (E)
Erik Kuulkers (Co-Chair) ESA/ESAC, Madrid (E)
Franois Lebrun APC, Universit de Paris 7e, Paris (F)
Alexander Lutovinov IKI, Moscow (Ru)
Miguel Mas-Hesse INTA, Madrid (E)
Francesca Panessa IAPS-INAF, Roma (I)
Mikhail Revnivtsev IKI, Moscow (Ru)
Jean-Pierre Roques IRAP, Toulouse (F)
Norbert Schartel ESA/ESAC, Madrid (E)
Rashid Sunyaev IKI Moscow (Ru), MPA Garching (D)
Pietro Ubertini (Chair) IAPS-INAF, Roma (I)
Jacco Vink University of Amsterdam (NL)
Christoph Winkler ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL)
Silvia Zampieri IAPS-INAF, Roma (I)
Erina Pizzi IAPS-INAF, Roma (I)
Linda Manzone Univ.La Sapienza, Roma (I)

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