"INTEGRAL's journey through the high energy sky"

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  IAPS, Rome - Italy

15-18 October 2013


    The next INTEGRAL Workshop will be hosted at the Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli in Rome,
     in the noble room "Gran Sala Borromini". It was once a dining room dating back 700 years. It has managed
     to retain many of it’s original features, including the magnificent walnut wall and ceiling panelling and the
     beautiful fountain designed by Borromini.

The Hotel is located in one of Rome's most characteristic neighborhoods: Trastevere.
The hotel takes its name from the founder of the religious institute. It was during the year 1642, when Donna Camilla, noble lady of the Farnese family, commissioned Francesco Borromini to design the convent of the “Santa Maria dei Sette Dolori” and the adjoining namesake church.
Following an immaculate restoration, respecting both the architectural criteria typical of the Baroque period and the original project of Borromini, the convent has been transformed into a four star hotel.
The cells, which in past times hosted the nuns of the order “Oblate Agostiniane”, have been developed into the rooms of the hotel; presented in their ancient splendour, with exposed beams of wood and antique furniture.
The Augustinian monastery of the Oblates was one of the main places of refuge for the Jews in Rome during the Nazi occupation. The nuns have welcomed 103 Jews.

"INTEGRAL's journey through the high energy sky"

This workshop will summarize scientific results from INTEGRAL and observations from other Missions and/or at
different wavelengths. We aim to  bring together scientists who have been working with INTEGRAL in order to
key science topics as well as prospects and opportunities for further strategies in preparation for the upcoming
2014 ESA Review.

Everyone in the high energy community should consider this meeting as a chance to promote new scientific ideas,
“long term key programme”  and scientist from other areas are invited to contribute with their experiences and vision.

There will be invited review talks on each of the key scientific topics studied in depth with INTEGRAL, and offer enough
room for contributed talks and posters including those related to other Missions.

We look forward to seeing you at this Roma meeting and hope for stimulating discussions on future high energy observations.


invited  speakers


The list of confirmed invited scientists so far includes:


V. Beckmann, A. J. Bird, E. Cavazzuti, M. Coe, R. Corbet, D. De Martino, J.W den Herder, R. Diehl, M. Falanga,  A. Goldwurm, D. Götz, L. Hanlon, D. Hartman,  D. Klochkov, L. Kuiper,  E. Kuulkers, T. Maccarone, A. Malizia, N. Masetti, L. Natalucci, A. Parmar, J. Rodriguez, R. Rodríguez-Gasén, S. Sazonov, L. Sidoli, G. Skinner, E. Van den Heuvel, P. von Ballmoos and a few more still to be confirmed.


Abstracts for contributed talks and posters can be submitted starting from now up to September 20th at the following address:       integral2013@iaps.inaf.it