14 - 15 Sept. 2015

AGENDA (download pdf format )



Kickoff Meeting Agenda, v.1.1


———————14/09, 11:00-15:10     WP LEADERS MEETING  (restricted)

Meeting Room “Aula Convegni”


11:00 Welcome by Pietro Ubertini (IAPS Director)


11:05 Approval of Agenda - Presentations by the Coordinator and Project Team


11:30 WP leaders - review of activities, including: key persons/institute, manpower summary,
                             budget and schedule as presented in the proposal.


Formal output: formalization of any change to the activities, to be submitted at the Consortium Board (Consortium Plan). For the KO, unless exceptionally required, it is recommended to adhere to the proposal.


13:10 *** LUNCH


14:10 Definition of Scientific Advisory Committee members, to be submitted at the Consortium Board


14:40 Definition of the Selection Committees members for WP2, WP4, WP5, WP9
         (to be chosen among the WP participants and the SAC)



——————14/09, 15:10-18:30         PLENARY SESSION

Meeting Room “Aula Convegni”


15:10 Welcome; AHEAD project organization (presentations by the Project Office)


15:40 WP Splinter Meetings Session 1:

-TNA -WP4/WP5-   (Meeting Room “Aula Convegni”)

-Public Outreach -WP3- (Meeting Room “Aula Comitato” TBC)

(16:30 *** COFFEE BREAK)


17:10 WP Splinter Meetings Session 2

-Networking -WP2-  (Meeting Room “Aula Convegni”)


18:40 *** END OF 1ST DAY


20:00 *** SOCIAL DINNER (PIZZA CLUB MARONCIO/Vermicino-Frascati)


——————15/09, 9:30PM-10:30     CONSORTIUM BOARD MEETING


09:30 Splinter Meeting summary (5’ per WP) -open to all participants-


10:30 Appointment of the Board Chair


            Formal endorsement of the AMT


11:00 *** COFFEE BREAK


11:20 Summary of AMT meeting and presentation of the project activities, resources and schedules (Consortium Plan).

Discussion and approval of changes (if any) to the Consortium Plan


12:30 Endorsement of the SAC as proposed by the AMT


            Endorsement of the Selection Committees as proposed by the AMT


13:00 *** LUNCH


14:00 Summary/next steps


15:00 *** END OF MEETING