Abstract list (updated May 23, 2017)

Oral  presentation

  Abstract Title Author
1 Neutral Wind Contributions to Ionospheric Joule heating at High Latitudes Daniel Billett
2 E- and F-region electron density measurements over Svalbard Emma C. Bland
3 Convection flow structure in the central polar cap W. A. Bristow
4 A modeling study of ground-range estimation for SuperDARN data without angle of arrival measurements W. A. Bristow
5 Exploring solar cycle influences on polar plasma convection Angeline G. Burrell
6 High-latitude and mid-latitude E region plasma irregularities observed during storm and quiet conditions using spread-spectrum, multi-static, and/or multi-frequency radar observations Jorge L. Chau
7 Update on calibrating SuperDARN interferometers using meteor backscatter Gareth Chisham
8 A self-consistent method for deriving polar ionospheric convection from eigenanalysis of SuperDARN radar data Gareth Chisham
9 Update on the BAS SuperDARN data hub Gareth Chisham
10 Data quality and instrument status of the Electric Field Instrument (EFI) on board Swarm Raffaella D'Amicis
11 Hemispheric asymmetry of ionospheric scintillations during the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day storm Giulia D’Angelo
12 How can we improve the map potential process? Alexandra Ruth Fogg
13 Farley-Buneman dispersion relation asymmetry caused by parallel electric field and parallel density gradient Victoriya Forsythe
14 Velocity distribution analysis of the E region irregularities and zonal component of convection in the high-latitude Southern Hemisphere Victoriya Forsythe
15 Importance of Elevation Angle Measurements in SuperDARN Ray Greenwald
16 Evolution of ionospheric convection and ULFs during the 27 March 2017 storm: SuperDARN-Arase campaign Tomoaki Hori
17 First-Principle Error Bar Calculations for Improved SuperDARN Data Products Glenn Hussey
18 Measuring F-region ion-neutral coupling in response to increases in auroral precipitation Andrew Kiene
19 A novel method to estimate thermospheric neutral density using ionospheric velocity observations M.J. Kosch
20 Inter-hemispheric asymmetry of the sunward plasma flows for strongly-dominated IMF Bz>0 A. V. Koustov
21 Validation of Rankin Inlet electron density measurements with the RISR-C incoherent scatter radar A. V. Koustov
22 Comparison of PolarDARN radar velocity and RISR-N plasma drift A. V. Koustov
23 DDWG annual report Kevin Krieger
24 Statistical characterization and modeling of the Sub-Auroral Polarization Stream (SAPS). Bharat Kunduri
25 Methods for characterising and validating SuperDARN convection maps Hannah Laurens
26 Case study on the ionospheric convection during storm main phase Jianjun Liu
27 What density gradients are responsible for SuperDARN backscatter? R. A. Makarevich
28 Modelling of a HSS event impact on the high latitude ionosphere Aurélie Marchaudon
29 Seasonal variations in the Birkeland current response to solar wind-magnetosphere coupling Steve Milan
30 Dynamics of the ionospheric convection during disturbed periods observed by the SuperDARN radars in the premidnight and postmidnight sectors Nozomu Nishitani
31 Effect of ray and speed perturbations on ionospheric tomography by over-the-horizon radar: A new method, useful for SuperDarn data Giovanni Occhipinti
32 Reversed Flow Events in the Polar Ionosphere Kjellmar Oksavik
33 New insight into Tohoku earthquake signatures observed by the Hokkaido East SuperDARN radar Pasha Ponomarenko
34 SuperDARN Data Analysis Working Group
report for 2016-2017
Pasha Ponomarenko
35 On the presence of Type 1 echoes in SuperDARN data Pasha Ponomarenko
36 Statistical Study of Nightside Quiet Time Subauroral Ionospheric Convection J. M. Ruohoniemi
37 Spacecraft Working Group Report J. M. Ruohoniemi
38 A Survey of ULF Wave Signatures in SuperDARN THEMIS-Mode Data J. M. Ruohoniemi
39 Characterization of Shortwave Fadeout seen in Daytime SuperDARN Ground-Scatter Observations J. M. Ruohoniemi
40 Simultaneous observations of drift velocity of omega band auroras and ionospheric flow velocity obtained by SuperDARN Natsuo Sato
41 Statistical Virtual Height Models Simon G. Shepherd
42 A retrospective on Farley-Buneman waves in relation to HF and VHF radars Jean-Pierre St-Maurice
43 Scheduling Working Group report E. G. Thomas
44 What’s In A Grid File? E. G. Thomas
45 A revised statistical model of ionospheric potential E. G. Thomas
46 Scientific results from SIFACIT, Swarm-SECS, Swarm-Aurora and SwarmSuperMAG_2015 projects Lorenzo Trenchi
47 Timescales of convection pattern reconfiguration following IMF transitions Maria Walach
48 A new approach to SuperDARN convection mapping Colin Waters
49 Site selection of the HF coherent scatter radar network of Meridian Project II Jiaojiao Zhang
50 Polar cap blobs: enhanced density structures different from polar cap patches in the polar cap ionosphere Qing-He Zhang
51 GPS scintillation fluctuations associated with high speed flows in the cusp ionosphere Qing-He Zhang

Poster  presentation

  Abstract Title Author
1 Characterizing the spatio-temporal response of high latitude convection using SuperDARN, DMSP, and ACE Angeline Burrell
2 Halley breakup, Falklands makeup Gareth Chisham
3 High frequencies waves propagation in the Earth ionosphere Etienne Foucault
4 Angle-of-arrival interferometry and riometry on a SuperDARN radar using FPGA technology M.J. Kosch
5 Digital Radar Design for SuperDARN
using Software-Defined Radios
K. Kotyk, K. Krieger, M. Detwiller
6 An examination of the relationship between Sub-Auroral Polarization Streams (SAPS) and the mid-latitude ionospheric trough as mapped by Total Electron Content (TEC). Bharat Kunduri
7 A method used to measure the variance among antennas of AgileDARN Ailan Lan
8 Observations of Polar Mesosphere Summer Echoes by SuperDARN Zhongshan radar Erxiao Liu
9 Development of new ionospheric on-line tools in the frame of CDPP Aurélie Marchaudon
10 Comparison of Plasma Drifts in the Subauroral Ionosphere with Drifts in the Inner Magnetosphere and TIE-GCM J. M. Ruohoniemi
11 Monitoring Shortwave Fadeout across North America following a Solar Flare using Daytime SuperDARN Ground-Scatter Observations J. M. Ruohoniemi
12 Recent Upgrades to RST Simon G. Shepherd
13 Ionospheric scintillations during 20-21 January 2016 as observed at Sanae J.A.E. Stephenson
14 Comparing SuperDARN and Swarm ion velocity measurements Jean-Pierre St.-Maurice
15 Syowa SENSU radar antenna upgrade Akira Sessai Yukimatu