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VIR in Congresses

Dawn Science Team Meeting in Rome  01/10/2012 – 04/10/2012
NH Leonardo Da Vinci Hotel, Rome
Link to the conference page
Dawn and VIR at EPSC Conference in Madrid (September 2012)


Dawn and VIR at Press Conference at EGU , Vienna (25th of April 2012)
NASA press conference: “Dawn closest look at vesta”
In the Dawn panel, Maria Cristina de Sanctis of the VIR team.
Link to the press conference: http://media.egu2012.eu/press-conferences/#dawn
Link to INAF article (in italian): http://www.media.inaf.it/2012/04/26/vesta-sotto-la-lente-di-dawn/
Dawn and VIR at Press Conference in Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis (12 October 2011)
NASA press conference: “NASA’s Dawn: The Science of Vesta”
In the Dawn panel, Federico Tosi, member of the VIR team.
Link to the video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17833902

Dawn and VIR at Press Conference in EPSC/DPS, at Nantes  (3 October 2011)
Dawn Press Briefing
In the Dawn Panel, Maria Cristina De Sanctis of the VIR team.
Link to the video:


VIR in the italian press and at Press Conference at JPL (1° August 2011)
New images by VIR are being distributed: read in the italian press ASI article and INAF last updates about Dawn and VIR (all in italian).
New data from VIR will also be presented at JPL Press Conference on the 1st of August at JPL by Enrico Flamini (ASI) and Fabrizio Capaccioni (INAF).
Follow the press conference in streaming video. http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl2

23 June 2011:  Vesta in Spectrometer View

On June 8, 2011, the visible and infrared mapping spectrometer aboard NASA’s Dawn spacecraft captured the instrument’s first images of Vesta that are larger than a few pixels, from a distance of about 218,000 miles (351,000 kilometers). The images were taken for calibration purposes.
Images obtained in the visible part of the light spectrum, at about 0.55 microns in wavelength, appear on the left. Images obtained in the infrared spectrum, at around 3 microns in wavelength, appear on the right. The spatial resolution of these images is about 60 miles (90 kilometers) per pixel. The visible and infrared mapping spectrometer will be able to provide images of Vesta in 432 wavelengths, which will help scientists determine the composition of Vesta. (click on the image for the real picture)
Read the article on Dawn website http://dawn.jpl.nasa.gov/feature_stories/vesta_spectrometer_view.asp

April 2010: Dawn Meeting at Tivoli, Italy

On April 2010, dawn meeting took place in the city of tivoli, Italy. On this occasion, on April 15, scientists from NASA and INAF, with the collaboration of the City of Tivoli, present the Dawn space mission to the public and media at the historic Villa d’Este in Tivoli. Scientists of the Dawn science team are hosted in Italy for a meeting organized to make plans for the spacecraft’s arrival next year at its’ first stop, the asteroid belt. The link between Dawn and the town of Tivoli is clear, since the first target of the space mission is an asteroid named Vesta, just as one of the most beautiful and historical monuments of Tivoli, the Vesta Temple.