IAPS instruments and projects for Solar System's exploration

Jiram team

The JIRAM instrument is being developed by scientists from IAPS Institute of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). JIRAM is funded by the Italian Space Agency. The prime contractor for the hardware development is Selex Galileo.
Name Role Institute
Alberto ADRIANI  albero.adriani at iaps.inaf.it PI INAF-IAPS, Rome
Alessandro MURA Deputy Principal Investigator INAF-IAPS, Rome
Angelo BOCCACCINI Test and laboratory support,opto-mechanical parts manifacturing INAF-IAPS, Rome
Maria Teresa CAPRIA Co-I, GS responsible, INAF-IAPS, Rome
Andrea CICCHETTI  Co-I, responsible for the project operations INAF-IAPS, Rome
Bianca Maria DINELLI Co-I, Responsible science activitie son Jupiter aurora,Data validation and Analysis CNR-ISAC-BO
Tatiana DI IORIO Co-I, test and laboratory support, data elaboration INAF-IAPS, Rome
Gianrico FILACCHIONE Co-I, Data Processing, calibrations INAF-IAPS, Rome
Davide GRASSI  Co-I, simulations, calibration and data analysis, Data validation INAF-IAPS, Rome
Maria Luisa MORICONI Co-I, Limb radiative transfer modeling, Data validation and Analysis, image elaborations INAF-IAPS, Rome
Raffaella NOSCHESE  Co_I, GS deputy responsible,  Data managing responsible INAF-IAPS, Rome
Roberto OROSEI  Co-I, Ground Segment Responsible INAF-IAPS, Rome
Giuseppe PICCIONI CoI, responsible for laboratory activities INAF-IAPS, Rome
Monia ROSSI Project Office INAF-IAPS, Rome
Giuseppe SINDONI Co.I. Atmospheric Modeling INAF-IAPS, Rome
Stefania STEFANI   Test laboratory INAF-IAPS, Rome
Federico TOSI  Co-I, Geometrical referentiation INAF-IAPS, Rome
Diego TURRINI Co.I. Planetary Modeling and Observation strategies INAF-IAPS, Rome
Massimo ZAMBELLI  Thermal engineering, test and laboratory support INAF-IAPS, Rome