Juno at Jupiter

On the 4th of July 2016, the NASA mission Juno will enter Jupiter’s orbit. Onboard, the italian instrument  Jiram. NASA will webcast an online press conference that will be linked in Media INAF (the link will be soon online). To know more read this interview to Alberto Adriani, Jiram PI Jiram.

Angioletta’s crater on Vesta

The name “Angioletta” was recently given to the crater in the image on the left on asteroid Vesta, to honour Angioletta Coradini, Director of IFSI and PI of many instruments flying in the solar system. The name was approved during last Dawn Team Meeting, the NASA mission that hosts Angioletta’s VIR instrument.

Name site J with Rosetta!

Today, on the 16th of October ESA launches its Landing Site Naming Competition, organized in Italy by ASI and INAF, a contest to find a name for the landing site of the lander Philae of the Rosetta mission on comet 67P/C-G. Until the 22nd of October at 23.59, it is possibile to suggest your prefered name to win a trip …