Europlanet Society Italian Hub

The Europlanet Society Italian Hub was established in October 2018, to promote planetary science and related fields for the benefit of the italian and european community, within the new Europlanet Society.

Members of the Committee of the Europlanet Society Italian Hub ‘s are:

  • Chair: Maria Cristina De Sanctis (INAF)
  • Vice Chair: Stavro Ivanovski (INAF)
  • Advisor: Maria Teresa Capria (INAF)
  • Industry Officer: Laura Gatti (Thales Alenia Space)
  • Outreach Officer: Livia Giacomini (INAF)
  • Diversity Officer: Valentina Galluzzi (INAF)
  • Early Career Officer: Alice Lucchetti (INAF)

The activities of the Europlanet Society Italian Hub are a natural follow up of the efforts that have been dedicated to the development of Planetary Science with funding from the European Union, starting in 2005 (under Framework 6) to the most recent Europlanet Research Infrastructure, funded by Horizon 2020.

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Europlanet Italian Hub in collaboration with the Sezione di Geologia Planetaria (Società Geologica Italiana), is starting an online census of institutions and people dealing with Planetary Science in Italy, for science, industry, or outreach.

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