IAPS resources

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Brochures IAPS

IAPS Brochure: no available pdf

Brochure of IAPS labs (2013, in italian and english): pdf

Missions and scientific projects Brochures

Brochure della Camera a Plasma (2013, in english and italian): pdf

Brochure X Ray Lab (2013, in english and italian): pdf

Brochure LOFT (2013, in english): pdf

Posters and Roll-ups

Exhibit “Rosetta, cacciatrice di Comete”, in collaboration with ASI (2014, italiano): pdf

Poster IAPS (2012, in italian): pdf


EPO Material

Brochure OcchiSuSaturno (2012, in italian): pdf


Comics SCOSTEP on Sun- Earth interactions

IAPS collaborated with the CAWSES program sponsored by SCOSTEP for the realization of a series of comics on the Sun-Earth interactions. The english comics are available for donload at this link.