10th INTEGRAL workshop

The 10th INTEGRAL workshop “A Synergistic View of the High Energy Sky” will take place from 15 – 19 September 2014 in Annapolis, MD., USA. The workshop is sponsored by ESA and coordinated with NASA, Roscosmos, and other national space agencies. Its goal is to present and discuss the latest results using INTEGRAL, and place these results in the context …

Rosetta at the comet

6 of august 2014: the european spacecraft Rosetta arrives at comet  67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko after a 10 year journey. The moment is celebrated at ESA-ESOC di Darmstadt, with a live event. Among the team at ESOC, Fabrizio Capaccioni, PI of the VIRTIS instrument. To follow the streaming on media INAF: follow this Link