Marcia and orther news from Dawn

In the next weeks, Dawn will start providing the first data and images from asteroid Ceres. In the meanwhile, a paper about asteroid Vesta has been published by VIR team on Icarus.  In this article, the team analyzes Marcia crater, the youngest among Vesta’s bigger craters, revaling a past history rich in hydrated material. Link to download the article (untill …

Chizhevsky Prize to IAPS’ researcher

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal for the year 2014 was assigned to Christina Plainaki, IAPS, during the 11th “Space Weather Week”. The prize was assigned for Christina’s  work in the fields of cosmic rays phsysics, magnetosphere and space weather. To know more, read this article

Rosetta and the day of the landing

On the 12th of November, the lander Philae of the ESA Rosetta mission will land on comet 67P. After separation, Philae sent to Earth the first CIVA image of Rosetta at 15:30 (in the box). Follow the event at ESOC on ESA website:

Angioletta’s crater on Vesta

The name “Angioletta” was recently given to the crater in the image on the left on asteroid Vesta, to honour Angioletta Coradini, Director of IFSI and PI of many instruments flying in the solar system. The name was approved during last Dawn Team Meeting, the NASA mission that hosts Angioletta’s VIR instrument.

Athena X-IFU Meeting

From the 28th to the 30th of October in ARTOV, the “Athena X-IFU Consortium Meeting #2” will take place. For more information: