Astrochemistry: a journey through the molecular universe

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14 November, 2022, ore 11:00

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Abstract: Astrochemistry is a blend of different disciplines, from chemistry to astronomy, including computational sciences and biology. One of the fundamental questions in astrochemistry is related to the emergence of chemical complexity and to the understanding of intricate physical processes like star- and planet- formation. In this talk I will introduce the astrochemistry field, showing its different applications, from primordial molecules to star-forming regions. I will present some recent exciting magneto-hydrodynamical simulations, introduce the concept of “chemical clocks” and how the chemistry can help disentangling among the main processes which lead to the formation of stars. It will be a journey from the simple chemistry of the early Universe to the complexity of the small and dense regions of the interstellar medium, where fractionation processes, spin-state conversions and ion-neutral reactions play a fundamental role to unveil our astrochemical origins. 

Speaker: Stefano Bovino da Department of Astronomy, Universidad de Concepción (Chile)