Ileana Chinnici, INAF-OA-PalermoBack to early astrophysics: the contribution of Angelo Secchi (1818-1878)

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Mercoledì 8 Aprile 2020 ore 11 

Mainly known as trailblazer of the spectral classification of stars and pioneer of solar physics, Angelo Secchi is one of the most brilliant and modern figures in the Italian and international scientific context of the second half of the 19th century. His background was in physics, but he was called in 1849 to became director of the Collegio Romano Observatory, where he applied early techniques of photography and spectroscopy in the field of astronomy. Driven by his wide scientific curiosity, Secchi explored many scientific domains, trying to find correlations between the natural phenomena and giving important contributions in all his fields of interest. This talk will outline his interesting profile of Jesuit scientist and illustrate his main scientific results, that had paved the way to current research topics and methods (not only in astronomy).